[Critical][Game] Zeds ulti

  • I was playing as zed on summoners rift when a fight broke out at the enemys wolfs (Bottom side) when i ulted the enemy Gangplank but when i finished my ult it popped me out in the wall. i was trapped there and couldnt move. i could still use spells and i got to recall and then i was fine.

    Reproduce Steps
    1. Pick Zed
    2. Play Summoners Rift
    3. Head over to bottom sides wolfs (Cant think of which color is the team on bottom side of map)
    4. Have someone next to a wall
    5. Ult the champion (I ulted GP when it happened)
    Only problem is i haven't been able to reproduce it again but i thought it would be a good idea to report it

    Sorry haven't had time for a screen shot.
  • Haven't seen this bug before, if you could give any more of a detailed repro - like a screenshot showing where you and GP were standing when you ulted him - that would be really helpful. Thanks!