dragon trainer lulu - bugs and feedback

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    I think this kind of thing could be helpful but you might want to clearly state that it is for bugs and glitches instead of opinions on the skin being good or bad.
    well, it's for both bugs and feedback. so, i'm fine with someone saying something specific like "i don't like that her hat looks like it wasn't made with holes for her ears" which isn't really a bug, but still might be useful in a review.

    you do raise a good point though. simply stating that you do or do not like the skin isn't especially helpful in isolation. giving details and explanations whenever possible is appreciated.
  • hey everyone, i wanted to see if it would be helpful if i created threads specifically for new content so i'm going to try this out with a couple of the new skins late in the process. if this ends up being helpful/useful, then i'll try to start these up much earlier next time around.

    feel free to post both new reports and links to existing ones.
    this is for anything to do with lulu's new dragon trainer skin.