@Xypherous RE: Nashors Tooth on Oriana\Nautilus

  • Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon (?)

    Do you feel that these are good items on either Champion?

    I like the idea of building atk spd, ap and cdr on these champs yet I cant help

    but wonder if I'm doing it wrong.

    When you designed Oriana was her passive in part designed with Nashors Tooth in mind?

  • Not really. Malady was closer to what I had in mind. I feel like Nashor's Tooth is a luxury item on those champions. You get it when you are already winning and want to 'win-more' - but they're not items that can pull you from behind into victory. They're decent items and give them a lot of the statistics they want - but you can't rush the item on either of the champions. You almost have to have every other item planned out before you start building Nashor's tooth - which based on our current item premiums, is a really really bad call to make.

    That said I do hope the Malady / Nashor's Tooth builds get a little better in S3 - just because of slightly better synergies / some premium tuning.

    Edit: Item Premiums are how much better an item gets when you complete better versions of them. Basically, if you spend 3400 Gold on Blasting Wands and 3400 Gold on a Deathcap, how much bonus gold value you gain because you had to complete a recipe.
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    <table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td class="alt2" style="border:1px inset; padding:10px;"> Hey Xypherous, on the topic of Nautilus and Attack Speed, does he actually lose damage by getting his attack speed over 1 attack per second? </td></tr></table>
    Nautilus never loses damage by having more attack speed. In fact, Attack Speed is a pretty nutty way of doing a lot of damage with him, were it not for the little problem of having to actually keep the shield up while you do all that anchor swinging.