I do like the new TT but... (Altars)

  • It's very fun and more engaging and there is far less turtling involved. As usual though, one good Ace and any team can push through all turrets to the nexus and win. Frustrating, but c'est la vie.

    I do like the jungle as it is a great way to get some farm if your lane gets overextended and it respawns quickly which is great. I also enjoy Vilemaw as the tough boss to kill, especially later in the game; though, I do miss having a minor boss for a kill and minor buff/boost though. Also, the altars are a fun event as well, but my broken thing I find about them is that once it's claimed, it's always claimed till the opposing team takes it over. Since they do offer a rather strong buff when both are held, I find it a bit lop sided that they never expire, in a sense. I do feel that maybe they should have a timer on them that ticks down after they unlock before they go neutral again.

    For a suggestion, as such, you claim an altar, it locks, and then it does count down to unlocking. You can visually see this by the runes around the altar. Once it unlocks, the timer on it begins again as it ticks back down to being neutral. The timer can be recharged to it's full capacity again by standing on the altar again, as to claim it normally.

    I feel this could work both for and against the map feel as it could unwillingly put more pressure on the altars, which I know a good majority of the community hate. But since I feel they are here to stay, this could also incorporate quicker fights and make it more of a higher risk/reward. Keep the buff, or lose it. And as for matches that do end up in some turtle instances, this would be giving the defensive team another chance to get ahead since the offensive team would have to send a member to the altars to keep them with their buff, or continue to engage while losing it.

    Just an idea I wanted to throw out to the community here with thoughts and input on things. =) Any other ideas or suggestions? Would be very great to have a Red's thought on this!
  • Altars are getting a few "nerfs" in the upcoming 1.71 patch. After that, we'll be re-evaluating some systems level changes to both altars and speed shrines that should make them less favorable to bruisers.
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    I wonder what people think of if after Altars became unlocked, they went back to being neutral instantly, so a team that captures both can't indefinitely seige after capping both. Would add more pressure around the altars and give teams a choice of capping a point for sustained advantage, or continuing a tower seige
    Puts a lot more focus on the altars... more than I'd like there to be. To do this, we'd have to increase the lock time, which also increases snowball.

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    Originally Posted by TOP10 ELO View Post
    making it less favorable to bruisers will also make them less favorable to all other champions
    No--not equally at least. For example, a previous iteration of the altar buff was 10% bonus damage. We changed that to %AD/AP, because that's less beneficial to bruisers.