People are rigging Twisted Treeline for top 10 ranks / easy diamond.

  • "Was looking over the top 10 3v3 and 5v5 and noticed something. A lot of these 3v3 teams are basically playing them selves by entering queue at the same time and dodging when they aren't paired with their friends for easy wins.

    Contacted Riot about this a week ago and they didn't want to do anything because the teams are still there.

    Proof 1: [1]

    Not much explanation needed for this group.

    Proof 2: [2]

    These teams have somehow edged their way into 9th and 10th place 3v3. What are the chances that they queued against the same team 3 times in a row even with a month long gap in between them? Looking at their other teams (some have now been deleted) they have a history of sub 10 minute games when playing with each other. Not to mention the obvious smurf account of one of the players on the other team.

    Anybody else see any other teams doing this? If you are from these teams and I am wrong, I'll take you off the list. I don't think that will be happening though.

    TL;DR: Teams are playing each other in order to break top 10 rankings. Some of them are leaving the team right afterwards (though you could still see who was playing based on history, it may be too late to check now but some of them haven't played any games and you could still see the same people."

    If you have any other proof of teams that are doing this (or have done this, I didn't bother to take screenshots until now and some of the team members have left to cover up, PM me or e-mail to Riot)."


    Also this was the original thread, just spreading the word.
  • Just wanted to give a quick update:

    We are disqualifying these teams (as well as a couple other teams that we identified) from earning rewards for their members. We will also be issuing temporary suspensions to players who were involved in games where the win trading took place.

    Thanks to Drevarius for doing the final analysis on this!