[Game][Minor] Twisted Treeline ground not rendering and bad tooltip

  • upon starting a bot game on 3v3 with oktoberfest gragas. I noticed that the ground was not rendered, changing the video settings did not fix this. the problem persisted about 10 min into the game then the ground rendered and remained so for the rest of the game.

    Also during play I noticed that upon hovering over champion passive ability, instead of showing description for passive, the tooltip for the alters was shown. screencap below, the unrendered ground is not in this cap unfortunately.


    I am not sure if these bugs can be reproduced, but simply start a 3v3 game, and hover cursor over passive. I will edit post if I find out more.
  • Hey Deathfissure,
    what do you mean exactly by "the ground wasn't rendered", do you have a screenshot of it?
    Also can you upload your DxDiag? You can find instructions on how to obtain it here.