@Pendragon, a sincere plea from a banned player

  • edit :Also as a TLDR for those who didnt read.

    ONE I DID NOT RECIEVE ANY WARNINGS/SUSPENSIONS/WEEK BANNS BEFORE the perma, it was just a straight up out of the blue ban.
    Second, my plea is that instead of a perma ban, I want a 2 week suspensions I have the opportunity to change my behavior and help contibrute to the community,

    So I just got permanently banned, from an investigation from a support team, while never being banned from the tribunal. Was my behavior absolutely awful, terrible, and just unbelievably toxic to the community? Yes, yes it was. I was the biggest son of a ***** on the planet, and I would bring my real life stress into this game and then harass innocent players that weren't meeting my standard which is 100% wrong no matter what way you spin it, you have zero right to attack and hurt others.

    But being this is my first time ive been banned...no warning, nothing... I want to make an honest plead to BOTH riot and the community.

    First the community, I want to apologize to the gold and platinum players that I ruined your game, absolutely thats what I did and you had EVERY right in the world to report me, I accept that. I want to make a SINCERE and HONEST attempt at redemption, to be one of those players that goes above and beyond the summoners code to try and help out the community by being upstanding. No cursing, no afking, no harrassing teammates, I want to be that guy everyone looks up to, even tho I was once the lowest of the low. If you could find it in your hearts, I really want to try and redeem myself.

    And second to Riot. I love this game, I love your company, and even tho its sometimes rough I love this community. I was being an immature, outrageously awful jerk face, and I completely understand if your verdict is final. But I really really want a chance to be a shinning example of what the threat a ban could be. I never actually thought I would be posting something like this given I was never even warned, but I know what I did was wrong, and as an adequate punishment...I want to plead for a 2 week suspension, as a LAST AND ABSOLUTELY final warning for me to change my ways, and be a shinning example for this community.

    Sincerely, Lemurmoudy

    Also thank you for all the replies/contributions to this thread, really appreciate it.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I'm out of the ban-deciding game these days, although I will give an opinion.

    My stance is:

    - You knew your behavior was abysmal yet decided to act that way anyway
    - You knew the potential consequences, you just thought you'd have a chance to get out of it before

    Sounds like you were trying to get away with as much as you could and it bit you. I think that's pretty inexcusable. The Tribunal is one tool we have, but it's not the only tool.
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    Haha, I'll let you know eventually.
  • I'm going to go ahead and close this. The suspension was completely just and our support team has decided we will definitely not be undoing it.