Archangel Staff Bug [MAJOR]

  • So, just played a game as Karthus, farmed up my tear to 500ish bonus mana then upgraded to the archangel staff while dead. Upon ressing, I noticed that the mana counter was back to 0 instead of the farmed amount while still retaining the bonus mana on my bars. I was not able to test to see if the staff could have granted 1000 mana since the game ended, but it should be looked at

    Pick Karthus
    Buy a tear of the goddess
    Farm up to 500ish mana
    While dead, buy the staff upgrade

    So, yeah. Lets see if we can nail down what is causing this glitch or if it was a one time graphics bug.
  • I've run a couple of repro attempts, but I can't get it. I don't want to ignore this (because losing 500 mana suuuuuuucks), but any additional info would be much appreciated.