Have you ever noticed there are just some champs you suck at

  • I don't mean like you suck at a certain role. I mean like you suck with a certain champ in a role that you are good at. I am a jungle main and I love Amumu, Hec, Singed, and Skarner. But when I come to Naut, I suck hard. I mean 1-10 hard. I just can't seem to play him right. I also top every once in a while and Jax is another champ I suck with. Not as bad as with Naut, but still pretty hard.

    What are some champs that you suck at?

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    EDIT 3: If anymore Reds look at this post I have a request. Could you please release the percent of people who made bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond in Season 2 or a top elo distribution curve. I like statistics so I was just wondering (statistical design and design for six sigma are two of my MS courses)
  • Mordekaiser, definitely.

    I know people say he is super easy to use but for me I can't help but always feel like I'm failing when I play him. Being a bit of a metal-head myself I wanted to get so good with him but despite my constant attempts at playing him I just never got that "feel" for him like I did with the other champions I've fallen in love with.