Rapid Escalation of Ban from Warning

  • Hello everyone, I'm posting here today because I've got some problems with my current "cases" in the Tribunal.

    First off, let it be said, I'm guilty. I am guilty of the toxic behavior that's evident in my Tribunal cases.

    My problem comes up in that my two Tribunal cases are made from games happening within just a couple days of each other. I received a warning on my account based on a Tribunal case that consisted of two games. The first game was insubstantial, but the second case was certainly toxic.

    However four days later I received a ban for four more games happening within the same time span. This Tribunal case consisted of two insubstantial games and two very toxic games.

    Shouldn't the Tribunal case have been one case built from these terrible games instead of spacing out two cases in just a couple days?

    What am I going to do with a warning when people are already voting to ban me from the same spread of games?
  • This is not a bug.

    Your games from the ban were after your warning.