Zed The Master of Shadows

  • So after watching the champion spotlight, and playing with him in PBE, I have to say, I really like Zed, and I find his kit to be a somewhat new but a remake of some of the other ninja's kits.

    I feel like Zed will be one of those champs that are underestimated and once the pros learn to play him, people will start with the qq's and bans and whatnot.

    What do you guys think of Zed?
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    Originally Posted by IonDragonX View Post
    Welll, his designer was the same guy who made Zyra and Darius..............
    so what does that tell ya?
    Unfortunately you can't judge him by that - CertainlyT helped me out on Zed while I was out of town but I was his main designer. And since he's my first, we're just going to wait and see rather than pre-judging him. I can tell you I've heard both that he's overpowered and underpowered so I think the jury is still out.