cant play a game PLEASE HELP

  • i put in a request to be helped about 2 hr ago and its getting furstrating, i went to play a coop vrs ai with and it said that it found a match but never let me pick a champ so i went and loged out and tryed to log back in and it said i needed to reconnect and i tried and nothing happens i been trying to figure this out and get help but nobody has gotten back please help
  • Hey there!

    It sounds like you experienced what is sometimes called a ghost game. It is caused when the game server you were playing on fails to communicate the game-end message to PVP.Net.

    The ghost game itself can last up to 2 hours after this occurs. It often ends much earlier because the game server is simply backed up. Occasionally, restarting your computer may help.

    An unfortunate side effect of the Ghost game is a delay with receiving your Influence Points, Experience or ELO. Once the game "clears" the server, these values will be updated on your account.

    If this happens on a regular basis to you, this may be the result of a connection from that our Technical Team could help you with by Submitting a Support Ticket.