Were borders a good idea?

  • Now that season 2 is over, most of us have colored borders around our loading profiles, telling us what "grade" of elo we were last season. Somewhat of a nice addition.

    The only thing where this falls into trouble is that other players can see yours too. And as of right now, this is leading to ever further cases of toxic behavior.

    Let me tell you why. I ended last season 25 elo away from gold. As a result, my silver banner is with me the rest of the season. However, because of the soft elo reset, I am playing with more gold players than I did at the end of last season, only now they can tell that I'm silver and I can tell they're gold. Why is this a bad thing that leads to toxic play you ask?

    Because whenever something goes wrong, or even if it doesn't, it now gives them further cause to blame you and badmouth you for why (in most cases) they are losing.

    In my last 4 games I have been the only silver, mainly with other golds and one plat. When I do well now, "silver, your being carried" "9-3-12 is being carried? I had no idea." And if god forbid things go sour, which those who play ranked know they very often do, they use the border colors to rain down the **** storm even harder.

    In my last game today, I was relegated to the jungle, a position I play occasionally, but feel more confident in top lane. I go Rengar jungle because mumu was banned and I have a pretty good record with rengar jungle, even post nerfs. The game loads; I am the only silver. We haven't even left the platform and "gg, rengar silver" comes out. Then, to make matters worse, diana and jax try to help me start red. And when they pull red, they put no damage on it, just run strait back to lane (can't miss that precious 1 cs). Unluckily for me, red resets, and even though i ping, they dont come back. Now I'm sitting there half health, already used my empowered Q and wondering if i can just burn through health pots and still get red. I can't. I run so that i wont die, and just start blue no leash.

    Latter that game, after Jax and Diana have fed their counterparts with reckless abandon, they begin to fuss over why i'm going so slow in the jungle and not ganking. Maybe because I had to restart with no leash?? Instead "gg, silver dont know how to jungle, what a noob" neither junglers been to bot lane, our adc is 3/1/1 and our support is 1/0/1, yet they are crying for ganks even as they win the lane. "why don;t you gank?" "because hes silver"

    After a painful 20 minutes of me having my ass reamed about my performance last season, we finally surrender, mid and top a combined 4/12/4, but its all my fault "because I'm silver, not gold"

    Riot, the borders are nice, but could you make it so they don't show to others or don't show in ranked; the amount of abuse I'm getting just because of what I did last season is incredible.

    Edit: I come back the next day to check on my thread and Yegg posted!! Yegg!!!!! Ty for looking into this
  • I just made a post about this here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...php?p=31452959

    tl;dr: I'm monitoring this very closely and will be making changes to the design if needed. That could possibly include hiding the borders entirely, although I'm hesitant to let an indeterminate number of bad apples spoil the reward for everyone. There are likely other routes we can take.
  • Just a note that I'm reading everyone's posts even if I'm not replying. Thanks for your input!

    Also, you shouldn't ever be able to see your opponent's loading screen reward borders. If you think you saw a trim on your opponents, it's likely because honor ribbons also have a slightly upgraded loading screen border. Those borders have nothing to do with Season 2 rewards.