Won more than 10, No Silver Loading Screen Frame, Elo 1217

  • I got no rewards and my elo is 1217, Im sure Im won more than 10games
    My friend elo was about 1000 and he got a silver frame. Wtf ?
  • Gondul is right, the borders only appear when playing in the queue for which you earned the border. Are you definitely in the right queue?
  • Feralasys1 (I like the name, btw), I believe the Ranked Team borders will only appear when playing with the same Ranked Team. If you duo with your cousin outside of your Team, it may not appear. Is that possibly what happened?
  • Kigiras, were they in the same queue? The 3v3's have a different Elo Tier threshold than 5v5's, and Teams have a different thresholds than Solo. For example, 1200 might be Silver on 3v3's but only Bronze on 5v5's. Is this possibly the case?