Bug - Seeing other players Masteries during champ select

  • 2 days ago I logged into the client, looked at a friends profile at their match history, and browsed their masteries. Later I played a ranked game, and was surprised to see that the names of all my mastery pages had changed, and when I hovered over their names on the dropdown list, the numbers (I.E. 21,0,9) matched the new page names. Despite this however, the selected mastery page had the correct name, but when you looked at the dropdown list it did not exist.

    For example, the preselected mastery page I had was called 'AD page', and was 21,0,9. It was selected correctly, but when you went to the dropdown, that page didn't exist, all the pages were the same pages with names and mastery points from my friends page earlier. I decided that I would go and try to edit them during champ select, but found that when I went to edit, the mastery pages came up correctly as my own, whilst the dropdown list still said they were someone elses.

    Somebody queue dodged and we got into another champ select, where this happened again, but fixed itself when I went and tried to edit the pages again. Not sure what's caused this but it was a little confusing.
  • Wow, that's an ugly one. I know we have weird behaviors when you look at other player's profiles, but this is a nasty one. I'll take a look into it. Thanks for the detailed description!
  • Awesome. Thanks, DodecaHydra! I am fond of your bug steps and polyhedral Summoner Name.
  • I can confirm this is fixed in our next scheduled patch. We made some changes to the Masteries system that should prevent this from occurring going forward. However, I'm still looking into other weird issues stemming from looking at other Profiles.