I don't understand Homeguard boots.

  • for those that don't know.

    - Tier 2 boots can be enchanted, upgrading them to a Tier 3 boot for some gold.
    • Homeguard: Provides powerful regeneration and movement speed at fountain.
    • Furor: Increased movement speed in combat.
    • Captain: Increases movement speed of allies moving toward you.
    • Distortion: Decreases cooldown of Ghost, Teleport and Flash.
    • Alacrity: Grants a small additional base movement speed bonus.

    So I'm guessing you just regen health and move faster on the fountain and that's it? You lose the bonus as soon as you clear fountain? what's the point of the boost on the fountain if you lose it as soon as you leave fountain. Seems only good when people are pushing on your nexus, and it's more than likely too late for them to be useful imo.
  • Think of it as revive mastery. You move really fast for a limited number of seconds and is instantly healed to full as soon as you recall.

    As for what Xyph was aiming for when he introduced this.... look at the name again =)
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    While on the subject of these boots.

    Which tier 2 boot go to which tier 3 boot?

    or is this like enchant means gives any tier 2 boot a new passive?
    It's like enchantments, so any tier 2 boots can gain one of the 5 tier 3 passives