Riot - 3D Character Art by Sam Yang (cgsammu)

  • Hey everyone!!

    Thought I share the stuff I worked on at Riot with you guys, these are final renderings of some of our champs!!
    Along with some of my personal art =)

    Hope you guys like it!

  • Sorry WaffleGasm, I accidently made a duplicate I moved your response over

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    Originally Posted by WaffleGasm View Post
    This is great stuff CgSammu.

    Instead of a request, how about a question?

    I've always wanted to learn 3D modeling and whatnot, and even have had the tools bought for me as gifts and etc.

    But until I saw your great site, I was never really pushed to actually jump into this. I do animation, and whatnot, but was never a strong ARTIST.

    How does one buckle down and learn the ropes? Best place to do that other than schooling?
    And would you say 3D artists need to be as good with drawing per say as a sketcher or painter would have to be? :O

    @WaffleGasm, So for me, I started doing 3d because I was a huge fan of game/cinematics since grade 8 ahaha so jus make sure you have that passion right? Art school is actually there for you to learn the fundementals =) in the end, everyone needs to learn whats newest in the industry on their own and stuff~ nahhhhh i know ppl who draw stickmen that are fully capable of making gorgeous 3d sculpts
  • I've been trying to decide what champ i should do next..
    People have mentioned, Nidalee, Miss Fortune, Blitzcrank, Katarina..
    OHh or maybe i should make Leona for IronStylus
  • ahaha well with chibi, you pretty much have to simplify whatever's most iconic about the character, everything is pushed more stylized =) I think urgot will be the toughest to do in my
  • Ooo I think Nautilus will be a fun one to make
    oh yea, I cant wait until Syndra gets released, I'll post up the 3D sculpt for you guys to see soon!
  • Would you guys like to see a Chibi Syndra?
  • Thanksss!!! yeaaah I had friends that always asked me why we hardly have any mechanical style i hope this one I worked on made alot of people happy!
  • Hey everyonee!! Syndra, The Dark Sovereign just released, I've just added the 3d render images for you guys to check out, enjoyy!!
  • Just added Syndra's sculpt renders! =)
  • Hey guys, I justed added Mecha Kha'Zix renders!
    Ahahahah Pool Party Ahri sounds like a super fun skin =)