@Riot(nome?) - We need an option to disable honor ribbons

  • I play ranked Twisted Treeline at a high level where there is a relatively small pool of players. Often times after finishing a game an requeue-ing you get matched against the same team you just played.

    Here's the problem:

    We all have honor ribbons, and it is a dead giveaway that our opponents are facing the same team when they see the triple honor ribbons in champ select again. Now all of a sudden they have information we do not, and they can target bans against us which creates an unfair advantage. This is not a hypothetical situation, this has happened to us several times.


    1) Don't show honor ribbons to the opposing team in champion select
    2) Have an option to disable your honor ribbon from appearing.

  • I don't think we'd change how ribbons are displayed, sorry. Lyte might have a better answer for you.

    Of course, the real solution is to spam honorable opponents :3
  • Asking Lyte about it
  • Alright, talked to Lyte. We're currently aware of the issue, but as more of the playerbase receives ribbons, it'll be more difficult to tell. However, we're monitoring it, and will make changes to the system if necessary. Lyte may talk more about it in the future.