Manamune has been nerfed

  • It literally gives less stats now than it used too, while Muramana's "upgrade" has literally the same stats as the current Manamune... it just adds the toggle.

    Not sure how all the "buff Manamume" calls were misinterpreted into "nerf", but Muramana gives no extra AD, no extra mana/mana regen, not even a larger % of mana-to-AD conversion.

    The only difference between PBE Muramana and Live Manamume is the toggle active, literally nothing else. What gives?
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    You mean the toggle active that deals 8% of your current mana on auto attacks and spell casts? Is that the "only difference"?

    Don't look line-by-line - look at the total effect. It's like saying "Shurelya's Reverie is a trash item, oh except that team movespeed active."