A guy claims he has "ban immunity" because he never accepted the Summoner's Code

  • Is this true? Or is it all just a bunch of bull****?
    I wish to send a personal report because this guy was just the most incessantly annoying and toxic players I've ever seen.
    They would ***** about how their AD fed first blood, then spend the rest of the game TYPING and zoning themselves, then complaining even more about how they lost the lane.
    I wanted to rip my eyes out.

    I have their username saved in a special place in my heart. I await the day that they come to the forums *****ing about how Riot illegally banned them or something.
    Then I will present a replay of said game.
  • Malgana's explanation is pretty good.

    There is no such thing as a ban immunity, for no one. As such you should, if you have good reason to, report the player and outline your reasoning for the Tribunal to cast a vote.