Riot, can we have some sexy men?

  • I don't mind the overabundance of sexualized females in league, but I do think we need some men of that nature. The only champions who come close are Varus and Lee Sin, and it's just their bodies that make them "sexy" -- nothing about the overall character design spouts *** appeal the way champions like Miss Fortune and Elise do.

    Making a sexy male character doesn't stop at giving them a nice body. The most sexualized female champions wear skimpy clothing and have ridiculous proportions, but they also have provocative poses and expressions.

    A lot of potentially sexy male champions are also way too overdressed. Look at Graves. He's the type of scruffy man a lot of women fantasize about... Then you see him covered neck to toe in unneeded clothing. Look at Talon. He's the mysterious edgy guy all the women want to get close to. But he keeps them away with an uncomfortable amount of clothes.

    Then we have our strange male characters like Varus, Lee Sin and Olaf dressed skimpy.

    So Riot, can you try to do a better job matching scantily clad with sexy and generic manly buff men (Olaf, Jayce) with clothes and/or lack of clothes as well (lack of clothing does not always have to be in a sexual manner)? We (anyone who is attracted to men in general) don't fantasize about men like Mundo even when they're deprived of clothing, we fantasize about men like Graves and it's a shame they HAVE so much clothing.

    To better explain what I'm getting at, look at these two pictures; both men have similar buff, atheletic body types, but the first image is of someone oozing *** appeal while the latter is of an attractive man, but not blatantly sexual in nature. TL;DR there is more to making a sexy character than their body type-- stop using Varus as the example of a sexy male, HE JUST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH

    that will be all

    red bait:

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    Unprepared Garen where????

    But seriously....

    Most of the artists are straight men....

    Do you HONESTLY expect them to have the motivation or know how to create sexy male champions?
    I'm.. sort of offended actually. Yeah, I'm straight. Yeah, I like lady parts, but damn I, and pretty much every other artist at Riot, can make such a sexy hunk that it'll make you question the judgement of our girlfriends/wives.

    Hmph, I'm gunna go fill a sketchbook with abs..