[Game][Major]Shyvana's Fury doesn't regenerate over time

  • Description: Shyvana no longer regenerates fury passively, only from autoattacks. This basically means she can only ult every 3rd or 4th teamfight late game, and triples her ult cooldown in the midgame. Fix pl0x <3

    Repro steps:
    NEW: Take the Defender mastery in the defense tree.
    1. Hit level 6.
    2. Ult, wait for it to burn down.
    3. Observe it sitting at 0/100 fury until you hit something.

    EDIT: After more testing, it appears this is tied to one of the new masteries, it isn't a global bug. Testing to figure out which one, atm i have it narrowed down to either Tenacious or Defender in the Defense tree.

    SECOND EDIT: OK, the Defender talent in the Defense tree appears to break Shyvana's passive Fury gain.

    My troubleshooting steps: Test with no masteries (Passed), test with only old masteries (PASSED), test with some new masteries (PASSED), test with Tenacious (PASSED), test with Defender (FAILED).
  • Great catch!