Riot you want the Toxic Community to Stop?

  • Then teach the community how to play the game.

    Riot should create videos that teach the community basic aspects of the game. What this will do is give the player base a foundation on what good and bad play is. If the community as a whole agrees on something that is considered bad play then people playing bad will not have an excuse for playing badly, and less back and forth raging will happen. This is because the bickering can simply be solved with a "watch video such and such basics" and nothing else would have to be said.
    If the person tries to make a retort about watching the video he is truly a toxic player. Which would make it much easier to find and identify toxic players because they are unwilling to change, learn and adapt to the game.

    ARTS or MOBAS in general have a high learning cap. Most "common" knowledge for more dedicated players is not common knowledge for the majority of the player base.

    A few examples would be a video on how important CS and gold is. A lot of people treat Summoners Rift as a death match. I have even had people tell me gold dose not matter its all about 'skill.' Yet that is part of the foundation of the game and players don't even know that. They treat this game as a fighter such as Street Fighter yet it is more akin to a Real Time Strategy.
    Another example is chasing. People chase to the ends of the world to get that kill. People would rather lose xp/gold for a kill than just play safe and back off. They don't understand that by pushing the person out of lane they are losing gold and xp and it was a success. They don't understand that if you forced someone to blow a summoner spell that you did a good thing. You can try again with a greater chance of success.

    Team composition might be a little more in the advanced area but it is something that seems to be more crucial than Dota. A bad team comp means you lost at champion select. There should be some sort of foundation on what a good team composition is and isn't. Such as having a team full team of Assassins is terrible compared to a well balanced team that synergies with each other,

    Perfect example of good synergy, Nocturne Ult + Shen = amazing.

    This game is more knowledge based that most other video games. I really think Riot should start teaching the community how to play the game on a basic level. If they wanted to Riot could encourage pros to teach the community at a competitive level. For NA it would actually help the Pro NA team maybe win a few tourneys? (jk jk or am I?)
    I am not saying Riot knows best, but they are better than the average person simply because they created the game. They test and figure out most aspects of the game because not only do they make it they enjoy playing the game.

    TL: DR version

    Riot needs to teach their player base how to play the game even if its just the basics to help curb the toxic player base.

    Ex: 20 cs = 1 kill.
    Ex2: Play safe and farm when at a disadvantage and force the other team to make mistakes.

    I will now be bumping this will simple facts on how to play champions, yes I am no expert its why I said simple facts.


    Someone posted a link to help players get out of ELO hell.
    Haven't really checked it out but hopefully it helps.
  • The enemy botlane that is up 5 kills on you will dive you at your tower 3v1 (you're the 1) so just run away completely and do not attempt to defend it.