Here we go again. @Pendragon etc, Let's Play: Judge the ban

  • All it takes is some statisitics and its woo go lyte!

    Lyte wont even respond back to this thread but all he gave you was statistics and you down vote me?

    Moronic downsyndromes, you're probabally the cancer of this game that feeds and sucks dick.

    Uninstalling this game, hope this pathetic community grows a brain.

    tl;dr suck my dick riot theives, hope LoL crashes and burns
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    Originally Posted by Derix12321 View Post
    OP here, ready for smiting.

    Just want to say i'll never quit this game, i can't, means too much to me.
    You've been reported in over 39% of your games. Almost 60% of your reports are Verbal Abuse, Offensive Language and Negative Attitude. In many of your games you've used extremely racist and bigot language; in fact, I'm kind of surprised you're even requesting a smiting because you should be fully aware you use this language. You've been in games where you are reported by almost every single player in the game--surprisingly, there weren't even any premades in the game.

    If you genuinely wanted to make a difference, you should have acknowledged that you use language that is 100% unacceptable in League and that you are going to try to improve on that in the future. Instead, you've come to the boards trying to appeal an obviously toxic history which shows that you just aren't welcome here.