Suspended. Opinions? Reform card inside.


    While I do admit that I'm not the nicest person on the planet, I read over some of the things I said. I guess I can be harsh, and a jerk. Do you think this warrants a 2 week suspension? Not looking for sympathy or pity, just curious.

    PS. These games are from a few months ago, is that normal? :S
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    This seems to be the general consensus. I don't intend on arguing that I'm not, or I wasn't, because I was. The thing is though, how else do you react in that situation.
    Only a tiny, tiny fraction of the playerbase ever ends up in the Tribunal. Lots of people learn to deal with it without being toxic every time.

    You're right that, on occasion, some people have bad games, and occasionally they'll get bitter at a losing situation. But you're far beyond occasionally. You're showing repeated patterns of toxic behavior. At a 2-week ban, you are literally one ban away from a permanent suspension from the game. Based on these games, I'd hate to play with you, but I'd also hate to see you lose out on your investment in a game that you clearly do love playing.

    You need to take a step back from the specifics of these games, of the hypothetical situations you're thinking of. You're getting mired in the details, and it's not letting you see the forest for the tree.s

    You need to fundamentally change the way you approach this game if you find it difficult not to lash out at your teammates. You can't do it by throwing up your hands and saying it can't be done. Thinking that way, you'll end up with a permaban, and we'll see you on a smurf posting your apology letter with a link to a new case in less than a month. Nobody wants to see that.

    Instead, you need to realize that you are the only person responsible for your actions, and you're also the only person who can change them. You have a chance to. Please think about what that means over the next two weeks.