[Game][Major] Insta-crash

  • so whenever i get through champ select on the pbe in a custom game and the client is switching over to the actual gameplay the client minimizes and nothing comes up. no LoL logo or anything and when i open the client back up it tells me to reconnect and when i click the button it just repeats the process.

    1-start a custom game and select champ (in the 3 times this has happened ive been nami though im going to try on other champs and on TT instead of SR)
    2-let the counter hit 0
    3-watch the game minimize to have no load screen come up
    4-open client and attempt to reconnect
    5- experience step 3-5 again.

    EDIT: Have also tried with Zed on TT and got the same results. not sure if this is just my PBE having problems or not, i plan on uninstalling and reinstalling it to see if that will fix my problem.
  • NeoRommel you can try to repair your client in case you have a corrupt file. To repair, go to the patcher, the window with the yellow play button, and click on the gears on the top right corner. A window will pop up and the Repair option will be in there.