[* Eternum Nocturne Poll: Get Rid of The Tail * ]

  • This Thread Is to get the Art Design team to remove the Tail Thingy on the new Eternum Nocturne Skin. Do Not get me wrong it's Cool and the Animations are nice, it just doesn't fit Nocturne! Go back to hovering darkness.

    Please take the time to Explain your answers Down below.

    Incase you haven't seen it.
  • Nocturne's energy is darkness whereas in his Legendary skin it's more of a "bio-mech" so the fluidy smoke trails don't really fit into the theme. We went back in forth on different styles of tails and Shoquistador animated a "spine" like tail with sine wave like movements with some glitchy/studdering elements. Like everything Shoquistador does, there is a lot of detail in the tail animations. I hope this info helps