[Game][Major] Shop UI

  • I noticed that when using the Shop UI, instead of closing when you want it to close, you have to click something else, like the recommended or full list tab, and then click the X at the top right to close it. Significantly decreases the time it takes to get out of the shop. This was on TT and I was playing Eternum Nocturne.

    ~ repro steps:
    1. Open shop interface.
    2. Try to leave or touch it*...It won't let you.
    3. Get rough with it by clicking a tab or item.
    4. Tell the Shop UI that's "it's finished".
    5. Repeat for heart throb love story.

    confirmed, it also doesn't allow touching.
  • Thanks for the reports on this. I have a fix for what should be most of this problem ready for the next PBE deploy.
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