RIOT HLEP PLS: RE: ELSIE, how can 2 champion?

  • helo sumoner!

    i am space mega-kick man, u may nkow me from thred such as

    pls remove ohri the dog woman
    katarino the spinny knifer WAY OP (ok I don't make this one yet)
    Riot, why are so many humungous breasts? (i see lot of threds like tihs)

    Riot litsen and i am hapy, best commpany for make game for new millenium, A+, very attractive

    tihs time i want hlep b/c i play River the Half sword (why not full sword, riot pls xplain?) and i find new cahmpion who is maybe spider? but hse is also LADY. LADY AND SPIDER. HOW CAN 2 CHAMPION RIOT?

    ehr name ELISE.

    i make a comic waht u think?

    PS. riot pls add Angus the Puncher, can not enough beard, i see new suport and she is fish maybe? She can not handsome beard or do a hard punch, so Worst Cahmpion.
  • Maybe if you had called murderkaiser, or Lokali the kick-ninja?