If you had to live with a champ?

  • If you had to live with a league of legends champion for the rest of your life who would it be. And yes i know this would never happen im posting this thread because i am bored. Also who would you hate to live with the most.
    Who i'd live with:
    Kennen, I would never have to pay energy bills.
    Who i'd hate to live with:
    Teemo, I don't even have to explain this.....
    EDIT: Forgot to mention that you can't have intercourse with the champion, i want creative thoughts not. Ahri because she has big boobs, etc
    EDIT2: wow this was a successful thread, I enjoyed reading every one of your posts. Also it looks like most would like to live with Lux or Sona.
  • Lulu. She's totally bubbly and wicked awesome. I bet she'd be a blast to do my nails with :3
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    (unlike Viktor, who would probably make me into a horrific abomination).
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  • Probably Akali, Cho'gath, or Kennen. Now hear me out first since these are my reasons:

    Akali - She has dual purposes, she can hurt and heal. I know, I know, "What do you mean heal?" She's a part-time nurse! ... Maybe I should read up on her lore again because that didn't sound right.

    Cho'gath - I don't need to throw away food anymore. He'll just eat all of it--I wouldn't have to pay the monthly garbage bill anymore either.

    Kennen - He seems pretty cool and a nice yordle to hang out with. Bring him to a party and he'll break dance and get everyone pumped! That and when there is a power outage, he can keep everything running.


    I wouldn't want to live with Teemo though--as much as I adore the little guy. It would be a death trap to get around!

    The same goes for Heimerdinger, I imagine walking into a home where he lives is like flipping a coin or rolling a hard six... it might be a pie flinging turret, or a missile launching sentry!

    Ditto to Jax--I think he's awesome, just look at my avatar--because if he wants a sparring partner... X_x He would destroy me and not on purpose but because he's the champ! Remember that one episode of Dragon Ball Z where Goku barely taps the punching machine and Vegeta straights up punches it? http://youtu.be/AIU32JznXQY?t=1m40s

    And Kog'Maw because... I'd have to clean up after him... and he'd just spit everywhere... kinda... like my kid brother actually--now that I think about it...