Is this legit Doran's Workshop invite Riot please respond

  • I got this while I was about to join a custom game. It's proof that an account named Riot sent me this. Are they re-opening Doran's workshop, or is this a hacker? He hasn't asked me for my password or anything yet.
  • I'll look into this.

    I'm quite confident that it's fake but I've put an inquiry in. Thank you for the report guys.
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    No doubt a fake. I don't see any reason Riot would contact you with an unrecognizable account name through the in-game client.
    Basically this.

    Community stuff is always tackled through recognizable, highly visible routes. Questionable conversations about applications and "super secret opportunities" should be viewed with skepticism.

    Be careful with your info, folks; while we have a lot of smart people working to keep the game secure, there will always be nefarious types trying to impersonate Rioters.