Kinda unfair. Lyte? Halp! (No, I'm not banned)

  • So I'm already on a tight rope with Tribunal as is. I received a week ban, posted on here about it. Had some support that the ban was kinda.. Meh to say the least. I had some flaws. But it wasn't anything too outrageous. Alot of people said they would pardon it, but some said they wouldn't. I chose to stop trying to fight it and move on.

    Fast forward and every morning I wake up to check my email to see if I was banned for 2 weeks for a bogus reason (assuming thats next after 1 week). I can't shake the feeling. I've competely changed but I keep getting trolls saying they are going to report me for xxx bogus reason.

    For example. Last game I was mummy jungle (I am 1803, and have a silver on my team). I make a joke Silver too stronk. A freaking joke. He gets all bent out of shape about it. Then at level 1 I get ganked at blue from enemy counter jungle, I had no leash on blue, no team try and fight them. I had to do it completely solo and I got owned. I said don't expect ganks (because jungling mummy without blue from level 1 takes forever.) Mr. Silver over here again, gets all bent out of shape starts calling me a troll.

    Mid lane, and top lane win their lane just fine despite my slow jungle. Mr. Silver and his duo friend at bot don't fair so well, and they start raging at me for not ganking and saying they are going to report me.

    So because of reasons like this, I feel like I'm going to get a punish happy goer in tribunal spamming his ip reward button and I'm going to get screwed.

    I'm not gonna lie, I'm still not perfect. I still have my "rage out moments" but I take a second, step back and apologize to whoever I did it. I'm trying to change. Trying to reform. But I feel like I'm already on pins and needles, and it's stressin me out.
  • I can see a bit of improvement, but not quite enough. You've definitely received a fair number of valid reports since your last ban expired so I would take a serious look at how you are behaving--you admit that you still have 'your moments,' and you really should not have any at this point and should learn to just not hit Enter and not say something in the heat of the moment.