@Lyte - Can you get banned for a toxic past, even if you have changed?

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    This player has clearly changed, he is actually way less toxic than 90% of the people I see in my games, so he has obviously changed.

    But, Lyte goes onto that thread, and says: "This isn't a mistake. This punishment is deserved. This player has received over 1000 reports in 900 games. That's a staggering number that almost no players ever reach. Consider that the average player receives about 4-5 reports every 100 games and you can see how absurd the difference is. This is an example of a case that the Tribunal is not extremely effective at resolving because the player is extremely negative in more subtle ways such as in pre- and post-game chat. However, after review of the chat logs I'm going to leave the ban as is. It's my belief that this player understands quite well what kind of behaviors he should work on to avoid this happening again."

    So, this player had a lot of reports in his past, so Riot just says "oh, he's toxic."... Am I missing something? I think that they should see the amount of reports after there last suspension, to see if they have actually improved, not the total amount of reports they have gotten combined.....

    I'm asking this because I used to do a lot of joking around in all chat. It wasn't anything over the top offensive, but still could be offensive to some players. I said stuff like "L2p nubs", "gg noobs", "solo'd your base lolol" etc etc.... I didn't think that "noobs" was offensive at the time, because a lot of games i've played in the pase had in there rules that you could report for verbal abuse, but not minor flaming like "calling someone a noob". I'm starting to wonder that since I had so many reports in my past, that even if I improved, Riot would do the same thing to me? Would they just look at my total reports in my entire LoL career, and consider myself toxic?
  • The Tribunal is a collaboration between the community and Riot--in many cases the Tribunal is not the final say. When Riot staff audits accounts by hand, we typically only take a look at recent behavior--this means behavior since the player's last ban.

    In many cases, the players have improved a bit but unfortunately not enough to warrant a reduction in the punishment or a full unban. In saying this, I've reviewed thousands of cases by hand and I know myself and WookieCookie have pardoned a few where we felt the players were making a genuine effort to change.
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    What if the player has received a warning before and not a ban? Do you look at their behaviour after the warning or everything as a whole?
    We would review behavior since the warning.