Is there a trick to dodging Diana Q?

  • I am having problems understanding the mindgame/strategy behind dodging diana Q.

    Other than letting her completely zone me and just staying outside the range of it entirely, is there a way to dodge her Q based on predicting her? I feel like the fact that it arcs from the right makes it more difficult.

    I appreciate any constructive advice.
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    Originally Posted by GodAwfulPlayer View Post
    Walk directly towards her when you think she'll use it, you'll dodge the Q 90% of the time
    As someone that plays quite a bit of Diana, this is imo the surefire way to get it. If Diana is trying to max range you with Q, moving forward ever-so-slightly and then continuing along your path is a great way to juke without getting in range of her other spells.

    Granted, Crescent Strike and Lunar Rush are the same range - so if you're low enough (or being ganked) that a Lunar Rush -> Moonfall combo will put you in a world of hurt, be advised - but without the Lunar Rush reset, she's far less likely to continue pursuing you, let alone kill you.