Inappropriate name

  • I've run into this in the tribunal and quiet simply, how am i suppose to judge that? If the tribunal doesn't show names (to stop biased judging supposedly) how do we judge those types of reports?

    I mean the obvious response "skip" seems fine but if everyone skips then what? Just some questions i had in mind
  • If you see an Inappropriate Name report, the name is automatically included in the comment section where they were reported.

    It's not ideal as far as displaying what the name is, but just check the reporter comments when you see those reports for now
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    Uh, there's been a number of Rioter posts replying about this that actually state that that functionality is borked right now, and that they're workingg on fixing it- I believe it was Lyte who mentioned that.
    Yep. My bad! Jumped the gun in an attempt to be helpful