Kayle+guardian angel, guardian angel never goes on CD

  • I don't know if it's a graphical bug, or an actual gameplay bug, but I was just playing against a kayle with a guardian angel. Everytime we got into a teamfight, he would have his guardian angel up again. We made sure to kill im every fight, and every fight it said it was on cd when he died. Every fight though, he would have GA active up again, and it would revive him again, and none of the fights were 5 minutes apart, some even being within 2 minutes of eachother, she still had GA up. It only seemed to do it when she ulted before the GA active though.
  • I'll have someone look into this. Is there any other information you can remember about the game? Any other champions involved?

    Thanks for the report!
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    Well, it seemed to happen the most when kayle was killed by darius, and if it makes a difference, kayle ALWAYS ulted before her GA triggered. If you need the entire team lineup, it was

    Shaco, darius, viktor, anivia, corki vs. hecarim kassadin kayle graves nunu

    Extra info like this often helps us track down these hard to isolate issues, so the more info you can give us, the better.

    I'll see what we can do when we get into the office tomorrow!