Introducing Christmas Spirit Darius!

  • Darius is a brutally straight-forward champion who isn't afraid to lob off a few heads if it means he gets his way! Darius has drawn much contempt from summoners abroad for his methods, but he's aiming to rectify this by bringing you holiday cheer this season!

    Enter Christmas Spirit Darius! This will be a legendary skin complete with new models on all of Darius' mechanics, as well as new quotes!

    Upon Selection:
    "They will regret opposing Christmas!"

    "They will regret opposing Christmas."
    "Gather, my friends!"
    "Cheer, by my hand."
    "Grant every wish."
    "Witness true spirit."
    "Unmatched spirit."
    "With overwhelming spirit."

    "Carve the ham."
    "I will deliver my spirit."
    "Spirit above all."
    "Never lose spirit!"
    "I have my cookies."
    "Stick around for carols."
    "Christmas will rise."
    "My destination is the North."
    "I do not tolerate Gift Cards."
    "Make no empty promises."

    (Jingling) "Christma... whoa... whoa! How does he do it?"
    (Jingling) "Chris... whoa... whoa! Dizzy."

    "Don't spill your eggnog, or stand under the mistletoe."
    "Defy the Grinch and taste your own spirit."

    Darius has adorned some new equipment to express his Christmas spirit! He left his old weapon at home and will enter the Fields of Justice with a more colorful axe with a festive wreath hastily nailed to it. What better way to spread Christmas cheer than to slam it in people's faces?

    Darius' Hemorrhage stacks will be replaced with something a little more joyful! Give Darius' targets a Christmas they won't forget by replacing the bleeding animation with a random assortment of toys and festive objects that will spin around them!

    Are you feeling decimated because Santa brought you coal last year? Nonsense – Garen might be a selfish cur who spins to win, and Santa probably can’t spin at all – but Darius spins to give! He’s just tossing those presents out, and every happy face makes him move just a bit faster to also give a gift to your friends!

    The holidays are well known for rushing, pushing, and shoving to get everything you need and to get to the places you want to go. Christmas Spirit Darius says “No longer!”. He will smash so much cheer into your face that it’ll cripple you. No more attacking people so quickly or running away in a hurry. Stay awhile and enjoy the fire!

    Apprehend people and fill them with Christmas spirit for once. Sorry, were you planning on doing something non-festive this year? Not on Christmas Spirit Darius’ watch! He will reel you in with his festive wreath and won’t let you go until you tell him what you want for Christmas.

    And of course, Darius is not to be outdone in his generosity! Darius can give everyone up to six gifts! The first five are small ones, but he will gift bomb them for the sixth by unleashing his ultimate upon them! Darius loves giving so much that if he successfully knocks someone unconscious reeling from his generosity, Darius can do it again immediately!

    We may have lost the holiday spirit – but none other than Christmas Spirit Darius is here to carve a path to cheer and joy this holiday!

    Roit pls.

    Edit: Christmas Spirit Darius decrees that he wants you to bump his thread!

    Edit: P.S. Someone get CertainlyT in here pls.


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    Originally Posted by Frakenbourrough View Post
    Plus, change his laugh to to HO!
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    Originally Posted by CertainlyT View Post
    Nice. We should bundle this with Hanukkah Draven.
  • Nice. We should bundle this with Hanukkah Draven.