Make revive baseline in dominion

  • So I've thought a lot about this and instead of nerfing revive or increasing potency of other summoner spells, just make revive baseline in dominion so we can have some actual choices in what we pick.

    I'm sure things are going to be rebalanced for season 3 summoner spell wise like the other seasons, hoping someone has thought of this on the riot side for dominion.
  • If I were to explore the option of an always-available Revive, it'd likely be stock-based and tied into a quest system. Start with only 1 Revive, and you could earn another by completing a quest. For now, it'll stay as-is. I've never been opposed to map-specific Summoner Spells (to the contrary, I'm all for them). They just require a good bit of art support, so it's not in the immediate (next two patches) future.