Why is it called "Blackfire Torch?"

  • The fire is clearly green. Nothing about the item is black... the handle is brown and the fire is white where it's hottest and green at the tips. It even leaves a green/yellow trail on the enemies it hits.

    The only reasons I could think are:
    1. The Crystal Scar and Shadow Isles reflect light differently than what we can see, and to them it appears black.
    2. This item is strong to the point that it will bring people to Dominion and TT to play Teemo, thus players will buy more Teemo skins, thus taking them from the Red into the Black (economically).
    3. Derp.

    I'm going to go with 3 unless I see another logical reason.

    (EDIT: Updated option #2 to be a more sound argument)
  • Pretty simple explanation.

    The item was originally called Nethertorch. We made the icon based on that name. Then we changed it to Blackfire Torch. I blame creative!