[platform][major] no runes or skins in store

  • There aren't any runes or skins in the store for me...never have been. I was hoping once I finally got RP that would go away, but it hasn't.

    Never got my starter RP/IP either, had to wait for a Sunday to pass to get 4k RP.
  • Hey Gibgezr, sorry you're having an issue with the store. Can you explain exactly what the Store looks like when you try to open it from the button in the air client? Does it just show up as blank, or something else?
  • Did you use the same zip file for both installs, Gibgezr?
  • Have you ever tried logging into your account from a different location/different internet connection? Since both of your computers are experiencing the same issue, it leads me to believe either something is going on because of location, or something is going on with the account.

    Are you Gibgezr on the PBE as well? I can try to look at your account to see if something whacky is going on with it to rule that out.