Please Riot Help Me

  • I've been banned twice in the past 3 months for unknown reason because my i had made my league of legends account about 2 years ago and had forgotten my email address. It was just changed to my current email address, which i remember, can you please send me the email reasoning of why i was banned the past few times.

    -Thank you
  • Hey OddOrange!

    Thank you for bringing your issue to the Help and Support Forum! Not being able to receive any emails from Riot Games due to not remembering the original email used to create the account can be frustrating when you are looking for emails from the Tribunal that may include your Reform Card. Because of this, I have linked your reform card from your most recent ban here:

    I hope this alleviates some confusion regarding your last suspension. Hopefully by reviewing these actions, changes can be made to ensure that you do not enter the Tribunal again!