@RIOT Realy 2k playr request elo system chang!

  • Ok so hers my problem, i aalwys play gaems with feeds and noob that are bad but because i am not bad i shoulnt be drag down by them becase we lose jus because they feed.

    NOW I know yo arent supose to come and juts complain about somthing unles you are gong to make it better which is why i hav proposed a SOLUTION that aparently RIOT coulnt figure out until now since i am her to help them realize how to fix system,



    SYSTEM match me with AFKrs

    SO now if you look at evry game i play i go at least 10/6/2 or somethin close but my team always go like 2/5/12. NOT JUST ONE, EVEYRONE that is on my team are feed and no matter how much i PWN my spot they always FEED ANYWAYS.

    So i propose that we change it so that we gain 10 ELO for EVERY KIL. And if you have negative scor your ELO goes DOWN.

    This chang will make sure that me and CONTLESS OTHER HIGH TRUE ELO PLAYERS get to there corect elo and all the feeders and afkers all go down to play with eachother. ( we could call this place australia)

    THis chang will also make sure that ppl in ELO heavn like SILSOL get drop dow where thy actuly belong! (australia)

    Plese make sure this chang is in next patch riot i wan to make sur i get my ELO to where I TURLY belong to be.

    THank you for read pls upvote for riot attention!
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    3/10 you clearly put some effort into it but your trying way too hard. In the future keep the "i cun spelz" troll shorter, people will stop reading part way and the rest of the troll will go unheard.
    Wow. You nailed it. I only got about halfway through when I stopped reading. You sir, get a +1