Phreak should be banned. Proof's here.

  • How a player was banned:

    How Phreak did the exactly same offence:

    roit pls
  • Well this thread has gained some traction, hasn't it?

    WookieeCookie put out a series of great responses on a similar issue. You can follow his posts here:

    The gist of it is that while emotes in their own right are fine, and in a lot of cases, you can even hit them multiple times, the case you have listed above isn't about that. The case above is someone who was asked to stop but continued anyway specifically to grief the other players in the game.

    I never recommended that.
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    Originally Posted by DoozleDorf View Post
    You shouldn't have even validated the OP's thread by posting here. There is no reasonable comparison between the actions of the banned summoner and your "in jest" comment during a champion spotlight. For reals....
    Normally I wouldn't, but getting 15 pages of comments in 3 hours is pretty high/fast. The thread was basically already validated by that point, and with that many views there's bound to be some confusion somewhere.