Graphical Issue with Ranged Creep Autos

  • Just played a game with Diana that contained two persistent graphical glitches, but previous games and following games did not. I could not recreate this glitch, but since a few of my friends and some pro streams (Ocelote's for example) are also having strange graphical bugs I figured I should report it.

    The Problems:

    1) The auto attack projectiles for the ranged minions (blue and purple) were exceptionally large. I attached a picture containing both the giant autos and normal ones. (Best one I have :/). It's kinda hard to tell in the picture, but the projectiles were slightly larger than the minions firing them. .

    2) I was playing Diana, and every time I used my Q a black/grey box would flash around Diana like the normal particles were missing or something. I was unable to get a pic of this, just could not seem to time it right.

    Steps to repeat:
    This is pretty vague, but all I did was
    1. Play Diana
    2. Use Q
    3. Look at minion auto attacks
  • Few questions:

    1. Has this happened in more than one game?
    2. Did it start happening at the beginning of the game and persist throughout the game?