Riot's Player Support Vision

  • Greetings Summoners!

    There’s a lot of interest in our Player Support efforts, so I thought I’d bring some transparency to what we are doing.

    Some of you already know me, but I’m Lance Stites and I’m the director of Live Services here at Riot Games – which includes our Release, Game Monitoring Operations, Localization, Live Production, eSports Production, Risk Management and Player Support teams.

    In Los Angeles, for example, we have a robust Player Support team consisting of Account, Billing, Game, Technical, and Player Behavior specialists, as well as our outsourcing coordinators. We have Riot Player Support teams in Los Angeles, Dublin, Istanbul, São Paulo, Seoul and other locations, and this is a big part of our efforts to provide the best support we can to our players all over the world. And, yes, we do lean on some support from partners. To be clear, we have not fired a single Player Support Rioter in relation to outsourcing. Absolutely zero.

    We’ve been using outsourcers for a couple of years now. Recently, we have been using more than a single outsourcer, including our group in the Philippines. Why do we use outsourcing? To provide the best service we can to our players.

    Let me explain our vision for Riot’s Player Support. First, it’s paramount to what we do. We make a great game, but we also must service that game. We’ve shared the vision that everybody who works at Riot is a part of Player Support and the company embraces this value. Every single Rioter goes through Player Support Shadowing – a program that educates every Rioter directly on how important our Player Support efforts are. Yeah, some players have had tickets answered by Marc or Brandon. If you saw a response signed by Tryndamere, that was honest-to-goodness Marc Merrill taking care of it. This training is recurring and all Rioters will continue to experience our Shadowing Program on an ongoing basis.

    The next steps are the expectation that Riot’s Player Support is the best in our industry. Beyond that, we don’t want to just be the best support in the video game industry - we want to be the best damn support anywhere in the world!

    While it's true that we've wound down one of our business partnerships, I’d like to clear up a misconception about why we did it. Our support operation in the Philippines isn’t based on some kind of financial reasoning – it’s based on a commitment to quality. We evaluated all of our outsourcing groups side by side. The group we selected was demonstrating consistently higher PSAT% (Player SATisfaction), and provided us with 24/7 coverage. One key metric is that our 24 hour response rates went from 65% earlier this year to 90% today (our target is 100% but we are on our way).

    All of our contracted agents are closely managed and mentored by the most experienced members of our internal Riot Player Support teams.

    We don't like hearing that anybody lost his or her job, but we are committed to making sure that partners help us fulfill our mission of being the most player-focused company in the world. Anything less would be a breach of that mission.

  • Hey guys,

    This is Lomar (also known as Brolaf). If some of you haven’t heard yet, I’ve traded in the suit and briefcase of the Legal Department and gone over to help Lance with our Live Services efforts, specifically Player Support.

    Lance has outlined our vision, but I’d like to share some of the tactics involved in our Player Support mission.

    To clear up a misconception, when we cut ties with our vendor in Austin, we gave a generous notice and paid (directly to the vendor) for that entire period. We required no work from our vendor during this time, but sent full payment anyway as we felt that was the right thing to do.

    The decision to move away from one of our outsourcing vendors was not made lightly. This is a necessary step for us in order to ensure the success of some awesome initiatives our players will see in the coming year.

    This is a sensitive issue and you may see this story painted in different ways by different people. We have an obligation to be transparent and I’ll be in this thread throughout the day to answer any questions you may have.
  • Greeting Summoners!

    I’m Lee Saggers, and I’m our Special Projects Producer here at Riot Games for Player Support.

    One big change that we in Player Support are very happy about, is our new partners offices are very much of the same standard and working conditions that we have in our Riot offices. Something we were not able to enforce previously and feel very passionate about.

    Player Support has always stood to champion the call of our players here within Riot and we will never steer away from that goal. With that in mind, we would never implement a solution to an issue that we felt was sub-standard or just accept something because “that’s just how it is” which is why we have taken the steps we have.

    Many of your comments here so far seem to be based on quality, and we will work tirelessly on improving that service across every office we have, because we don’t want to be one of the best support services out there, we want to be THE best.
  • Hey guys,

    Just a few points that hopefully clarify some of the points brought up in the thread.

    Outsourcing is something we’ve done, in some shape or form, for the last couple years. We continue to build both are internal and partner staff – as a matter of fact, we have more internal Riot support staff then we’ve ever had. And we’re hiring more.

    There’s no doubt that we have plenty of work ahead of us. The criticisms in the thread around unresponsive macros and poor response times for certain types of tickets are well taken. These issues, and countless others, are what our teams are committed to driving to solve for our players in the coming year.

    When I joined Lance’s team, I was handed an incredibly clear list of metrics governing my success or failure. What I guarantee you is things like driving down response times, improving the quality of our support responses, and improving the total player experience are on that list. Driving down expenses was not.

    Ultimately, promises in a post aren’t going to change some people’s opinion; only action will do that. Hopefully someone necros this thread in six months, and sees that we’ve delivered to your expectations.
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    There goes my chances of working with Riot in the US....
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    Does Riot ever hire Player Support Specialists who aren't in-office nor employed by a company they're using to outsource?
    Like, just hiring individuals who don't live near a Riot office but are still very much interested (and have experience) in being a Player Support Specialist?
    We hire Player Support Specialists for our Santa Monica office from all over the USA. There's no catch, if we want to see someone, we will fly them over here.