@RiotNome, Altar Problems and Possible Solutions

  • I like the gameplay that the altars have added to Twisted Treeline, but under certain circumstances they can be captured too easily and lack counterplay. Here are two problems, as I see them, and possible solutions.

    Problem 1: It's too difficult for ranged characters to interrupt altar capture. If Darius is capturing, Caitlyn has to walk right on top of him to interrupt, which is suicide. She can poke him from range but if Darius is tanky enough he can simply soak the damage and run, capturing the altar and securing his team 240 gold all while "losing" the fight. Capture mechanics favour melee characters, who are already too strong on Twisted Treeline.

    Possible Solution 1: Make channeling required to capture altars, or at least make it so damage interrupts captures so ranged champions can interrupt without getting into melee range.

    Problem 2: There isn't enough time to respond to backdoor altar captures. In 8 seconds a champion can sneak onto your altar, capture it and recall at the same time. To put this in context, at 380 movement speed it takes 10 - 11 seconds to walk from one altar to the other. In a game mode without wards, the only counter play to backdoor captures is to always have someone near your captured altar(s), which really isn't feasible if you ever want to push.

    Possible Solution 2: Increase the time it takes to capture an altar.

    TL;DR Capturing altars needs more counterplay. It could be fixed by making captures more easily interrupted and by increasing the time it takes to capture an altar.
  • Agreed on all counts here. We're going to be exploring a variety of counterplay solutions internally after 1.72 (Season 3) patch hits.
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    Originally Posted by Prince Kassad View Post
    I don't see how you guys didn't realize the capture mechanics were going to overwhelming benefit melee champs... I'm no game designer, but I figured that out within 5 seconds of learning about the capture points. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, but really who thought that melees needed another advantage over ranged in 3v3? It just seems like a poor design that needs a complete rework. Simply tweaking the numbers isn't going to change the fact that the champions who were already too strong on Twisted Treeline have had their advantage amplified by these capture points.
    We knew. I've mentioned this a few times, but melee at one point in testing was very disadvantaged compared to ranged.

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    Originally Posted by exe3 View Post
    Also just personally I find the buffs for the Altars pretty boring. Much has been said (by Morello etc) about invisible power so it's strange why you'd put so much invisible power into the TT buffs. This is an amazing opportunity to do something really different for buffs like capturing an altar gives you bonus minions (TT themed of course like ghosts) to help push a lane (would be very helpful given how impossible it is to push lanes atm unless you ace late game) like the big boss in Blizzard Allstars (afaik the 'Baron' for Blizzard Allstars doesn't give a buff when defeated but instead becomes an ally and helps push a lane with you which could be very interesting imo).
    This is an ages-old idea. We considered it for the previous game I worked on as well, and considered it when doing the altars and Vilemaw buffs. We actually didn't have enough time to implement and test it, but it's quite possible this will be a future route for the altars.