@Riot design team

  • My final project for my Fine Arts (331 Art, Science and Technology) class in college is to interview people that work with art and technology. I've tried contacting the Riot media email address to get an interview, but as of yet I haven't received a response. I was hoping a few members of the design team could answer my interview questions. I'd really appreciate if anyone found the time to do it and thank you very much in advance.

    Here is the list of questions:

    What do your responsibilities at Riot entail? Which part of your job is your favorite, and what is most challenging?

    Of all the champions offered in League of Legends, which are your favorite character designs? What aspects of the champions appeal to you?

    When working on a champion, item, map, etc., what are your favorite parts of the design processes (lore, visuals, concepts, kit)? Why?

    We (the community) recently had a large discussion on counter play in regards to ability and item design. What elements of league have you worked on that you feel offer the most counter play? Would you consider counter play a science?

    When designing a new element for the game, do you keep the game's current constraints in mind, or is the sky the limit (you give crazy ideas and have the programmers make them work)? What have you worked on that required the most alterations to the actual game?

    What sort of technology do you use on a day to day basis (programs, art tablets, type of computer)? Is there any particular application or coding language that you enjoy using the most?

    Do you work on other projects in your free time and if so, what sorts of things?

    Where do you draw inspiration from? Why do these things inspire you?

    Any closing statements or advice for people who aspire to work in game design?

    Once again, thank you so much if anyone actually does this.
  • Have some visibility!