@RiotDamiya, I don't get why everyone is such a dick

  • I've been looking at redposts a bit more than usual, and I've noticed why is every like, third post, someone roasting RiotDamiya? Seriously, people complain she's a robot, complain about her voice, complain about serious answer and then turn around and don't like it when she's joking. Like seriously, what has she done that has been, SO BAD? Like, I'm not trying to suck up, I just notice this trend and it is just wrong. Not everyone is made of carbon steel where everything just bounces off them. As a black jew I have a lot of experience with discrimination, even small things that are said that are meant to be a joke eventually end up eating away at you.

    That is all.

    TL: DR
    Stop being *******s.
  • I haven't gone anywhere. I just, uh, haven't slept. I also work, during the days. To make awesome widgets more awesome. (Or at least verify that the widgets are not breaking using the power of Science and Robotics)