[Windows 8] Client Crashing

  • This has happened VERY frequently over the past week, in two specific contexts:

    1. The game will randomly Crash after clicking on the "Victory" or "Defeat" button at the end of a game. This will prevent you from getting to the statistics screen and reporting/honoring fellow players.

    2. In champ select, when a champion is clicked on, either for a ban or pick, the client will (sometimes) crash saying that the "PvP.Net Patcher Kernel has stopped working."
    On one occasion, my client crashed and even then, the game started with me being unaware of it; so, after 5 minutes, I log in and to my surprise, there was a "Reconnect" button just staring me in the face. Luckily we won the game, but this is a very annoying bug.
    The game crashing in these 2 scenarios will either:
    Land you a mass-report.
    Land you a 5+ minute Queue timer.

    I am running Windows 8 64-bit if that is of any help.

    EDIT: I have re-installed the game once to no avail, and then I "repaired" my game with eh same result.
  • Do you run LoLReplay?
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    This keeps happening to me on Windows 8 and I use LoLReplay. Is that the cause of it?
    I advise against using LoLReplay on Windows 8 as it can cause increased instability.