"Support is fun" "Support is my main" "I insta call support"

  • EDIT: I NOW LOVE SUPPORT MYSELF! I find myself fighting over support often.....no kidding..

    (original but now old test) I know they exist...somewhere....the question is; WHY DO I NEVER GET ONE?! Sure, maybe one or two, but out of my 2xxx games, most of the time, if you dont call another lane you will be force into support.....

    I, personally, "dispise" support, not because i dont like to play it, but because i dont like calling lanes and im pretty much forced everytime to play it, besides, i dont get to do cool stuff cuz always gold starved and blamed for everything
  • As a support main, I'm really glad to see what seemingly is a resurgence of proud support players. Maybe one day we'll queue up and i'll insta-call support.
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    what's your fav. support?
    Love playing Blitzcrank (but he's been permabanned for like the last 2 months). Leona/Taric (only pink taric though)/alistar/zyra
  • I realized recently that I may be the unwitting poster boy of support.

    Instalocked Leona for a year and a half! =D
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    i've never used leona
    is she fun?
  • Read through the thread a bit and I think that a big problem with the perception of support is that there isn't as much "excitement' playing support as other roles but man oh man do I disagree.

    To me, playing as a great support player requires high game IQ and great overall map vision. Riot Tiza and I are botlane bros for life and we talk all the time about matchups and when we can win trades and when we can't.

    I love playing support because knowledge is truly power in that role. Oh, blitzcrank just missed a grab? We've basically 1v2 in the lane for 14-16 seconds. Graves just used buckshot to clear a wave? He's got nothing to burst my AD carry down for 6-7 seconds. Ezreal just used arcane shift? He's got no escape for 13-15 seconds. Amumu jungling? Probably don't need to ward river until about 3:30 because depending on our lane comp we can survive a level 2 from Amumu.

    it's knowledge like this that tips the advantage to your favor in your botlane matchup. I can't tell you how many times we're been "counterpicked" bot lane and won because of the fact that we know the threshold we need to reach to win straight out trades/all ins.

    TL;DR, support is awesome.
  • Sorry, I completely disagree on game changing. What's probably true is that there isn't a lot of VISIBLE game changing things that a support can do.

    I'll give you an example. When Tiza and I run bot lane, it's almost a guarantee that we'll get midroam ganked a lot. If we see a mid coming down for the gank and react well enough, we take away a solid 1-2 waves of farm for the enemy mid player while our mid gets to free farm/ go top for a gank/come bottom for a counter gank. If the enemy mid is unsuccessful on the gank, he's 1) wasted a lot of time (and thus experience) in attempting to gank 2) missed a lot of farm 3) given up map positioning strength for counter jungling from our jungler and the option for a 3 man gank up top.

    Another argument in regards to game changing: Sona isn't regarded as a highly aggressive support like Blitz/Alistar/Taric but her ult is one of the most useful and powerful initiation ults in the game. Soraka's Wish gives insane dive potential for any lane if needed. Janna's ult has huge displacement (play her with a poke comp) and disengage, along with her tornado. Those are 3 supports that are considered "boring" because people don't see the instant gratification of someone's HP bar go from 100 to 20 in a single instant but it's those small impacts (have you ever eaten a sona Q+powerchord in the face? IT HURTS! How about trying to trade with an AD carry that just got a soraka heal? Good luck winning that trade with the armor buff) that make a huge difference that aren't immediately visible.

    I truly believe that you should have a certain mindset as a support. You know you're mostly not going to get the recognition for what you do but if you play with an AD who understands the lane and the game, they'll know how clutch your play is.
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    So...both of the rioters in this thread that like playing support play the 100-to-0 style? Is there anyone internal that sticks up for the defensive supports? Not asking this to point fingers, I'm just actually curious as it seems Riot has really tried to dry that option up.
    to be fair, every time we get a kill bottom lane, I take 1 CS from my AD carry as a support tax.